When it comes to Pakistani fashion bloggers, there are several talented individuals who have made a name for themselves in the industry. While the fashion blogging scene is dynamic and constantly evolving, here are some top Pakistani fashion bloggers that every girl should consider following:

Hirah Attique

Hirah Attique is a youthful content creator and blogger who adores the moniker “Hirableeh.” She describes herself as a simple human being who adores dressing up and can never say no to tea. She founded the wonderful blog @herandhemofficial. Together with her sister Hemayal, she co-runs it. She received a business studies degree from the University of London this year. She focuses a lot of her content on styling, whether it is with clothes, makeup, or hair. She also pioneered the OOTD craze, posting an entire OOTD practically every day for fashion inspiration. The majority of her styling tutorials are posted on her youtube channel, which she also manages. She works diligently to create content.

Top 22 Pakistani Fashion Bloggers Every Girl Should Follow

Ania Fawad

The stunning woman Ania Fawad, a consultant for Marc Jacobs’ clothes line and a former editor of a lifestyle publication. She is one of Pakistan’s most popular fashion bloggers. Ania is a journalism major who has experience as an editor. She doesn’t adhere to fads. She has a personal style statement instead. Ania said she enjoys putting things together and choosing clothing that complements her body type.

Sadaf Zarrar 

Who is unaware of SiddySays? One of the top marketing communications experts in the nation, Sadaf Zarrar, is the face of the popular website SiddySays. Initially, she worked as a copywriter. SiddySays.com was founded by Sadaf while she was expecting her kid. She came to understand that her corporate existence had never truly given her a chance to enjoy the lovely things that she was surrounded by during her professional sabbatical. Currently, it is Pakistan’s most popular style blog.

Shay Mirza

A 25-year-old blogger named Shay Mirza resides in London. She has a solid history in public relations and advertising.  The Londonite is the name of the blog that this lovely woman started. Her site showcases her sense of style as well as her passion for beauty, fashion, and food. Her decision to start writing as a blogger was motivated by support from friends and family. If you want to see her fantastic style statements, you must follow her.

Alyzeh Rahim Shirazi

Alyzeh Rahim Shirazi is the founder and designer of Arsazi as well as a fashion blogger for her beauty blog, Beauty Fruity Blurbs. Additionally, she edits OK! Mag and serves as the official blogger for the Toni and Guy, HMW style collective.

Although she doesn’t frequently update her fashion blog, you can follow her on Instagram to get her updates on a daily basis. She constantly creates chic wardrobe combinations, from eastern to western. Girls in Pakistan, if you’re seeking for the best street style blogger in your country, you must follow Alyzeh. You’ll adore her fashion sense, we’re sure.

Saleema Fareshte

Pakistan’s top fashion and leisure blog is called Karachista.com. It includes culture, entertainment, what’s happening in Karachi, and fashion, including the newest designer items from Pakistan.  This website was established in 2013 and is currently handled by the incredibly talented woman Saleema Fareshte. Since that time, it has operated successfully.

Mehreen Syed 

Mehreen Syed, CEO of the International Fashion Academy and the face of L’Oreal Paris, is synonymous with international style and beauty. She is also Pakistan’s top supermodel. She is a co-founder of Desi Beauty Blog and a famous celebrity blogger. With the recognition of more than 100 magazine covers globally, she has been named Model of the Year. The desi diva’s turn to this blog for professional beauty tips.

Miss Mulberry 

She enjoys following fashion very much. We all adore her fashion choice. She is skilled at experimenting with patterns and colours. Instagram is home to a sizable fan base for this stunning woman. Now follow her.

Saira Hayat Khan

Welcome to Saira Hayat Khan’s breathtaking universe. She is a stunning lifestyle and fashion blogger. Everything she finds interesting is covered on her blog. This site is solely a platform for her to voice her opinions on various topics, including her life, style, health, etc.

Amna Haider Isani 

She has been writing about fashion since 1995 and is a well-known Pakistani journalist. She has contributed articles to the Express Tribune, Dawn, The News, Libas, Newsline, Sunday, and Outlook India. Her blog Something Haute has a sizable fan base both in Pakistan and throughout the world. She has made significant contributions to the fashion sector, and she also enjoys travelling.


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