Laughter is the universal language of joy, and Pakistani comedy dramas have mastered the art of tickling our funny bones. These delightful shows bring a burst of laughter and light-heartedness into our lives, providing a much-needed escape from daily routines. In this blog, we will explore the top 10 laugh-out-loud Pakistani comedy dramas that have left audiences in stitches with their hilarious content and talented casts. So buckle up and get ready for a laughter extravaganza!


Bulbulay is a timeless sitcom that has captured the hearts of millions. With a stellar cast including Nabeel Zafar, Ayesha Omar, Hina Dilpazeer, and Mehmood Aslam, the show revolves around the humorous misadventures of a quirky family. Its witty dialogues, comic situations, and exceptional performances make “Bulbulay” a true laughter riot.

Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah

Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah is a comedy-drama that hilariously portrays the eccentricities of Quddusi Sahab, played by the versatile Hina Dilpazeer. The show explores the humorous dynamics between Quddusi Sahab and his overbearing sister-in-law, creating a laughter-filled narrative that keeps viewers hooked.

Bakra Qiston Pay

Bakra Qiston Pe is a popular comedy series that showcases the comedic genius of Umer Sharif and Shakeel Siddiqui. The show presents hilarious sketches, parodies, and situational comedy that will leave you rolling with laughter. Its rib-tickling humor and memorable performances make it a timeless classic.

Family Front

Family Front is a comedy-drama that delves into the lives of an extended family living under one roof. With a talented ensemble cast including Saba Hameed, Samina Ahmad, and Waseem Abbas, the show explores the humorous interactions, conflicts, and everyday chaos that arise in a typical Pakistani household.

Suno Chanda

Suno Chanda is a romantic comedy-drama that offers a perfect blend of laughter and love. The series follows the hilarious journey of a dysfunctional family during the wedding season. With its witty dialogues, charming characters, and comic situations, “Suno Chanda” guarantees an entertaining and laughter-filled experience.

Timmy G Reloaded

Timmy G Reloaded is a hilarious sitcom that revolves around the life of the comical character Timmy, portrayed by the talented Sohail Ahmed. The show depicts Timmy’s amusing encounters with his family and friends, delivering a constant stream of laughter with its witty humor and impeccable comic timing.

Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat

Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat is a comedy-drama series that revolves around the chaos and humor surrounding a wedding. With a star-studded cast including Bushra Ansari, Javed Sheikh, and Saba Hameed, the show offers hilarious plotlines, witty dialogues, and entertaining characters that will keep you entertained throughout.

Bulbulay Returns

Bulbulay Returns is a spin-off of the original “Bulbulay” series, bringing back the beloved characters and their amusing adventures. With its slapstick humor, humorous dialogues, and laugh-inducing scenarios, “Bulbulay Returns” guarantees a laughter-packed experience for fans of the franchise.

Mazaaq Raat

Mazaaq Raat is a popular late-night comedy talk show hosted by the talented Vasay Chaudhry. The show features celebrity interviews, hilarious skits, and spontaneous comedy segments. With its witty humor and amusing banter, “Mazaaq Raat” promises endless laughter and entertainment.


Beti is a family comedy-drama that addresses social issues with a touch of humor. The series revolves around a father’s wish for a son and the comic situations that arise when he ends up with four daughters. “Beti” offers a perfect blend of laughter, emotions, and thought-provoking storytelling.

Pakistani comedy dramas have a special place in the hearts of viewers for their ability to bring joy and laughter into our lives. The top 10 laugh-out-loud Pakistani comedy dramas listed above, including “Bulbulay,” “Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah,” “Bakra Qiston Pe,” and more, have entertained audiences with their hilarious content and exceptional performances. So sit back, relax, and get ready for a laughter-filled journey with these side-splitting comedy dramas that are guaranteed to leave you in stitches!


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