In the realm of education, CM has launched a series of transformative initiatives aimed at enhancing access and quality. These include a bike scheme providing 20,000 bikes to students to enhance mobility, a Laptop Scheme to bridge the technological gap, and recruitment of 30,000 new teachers to improve the student-teacher ratio. Additional reforms focus on timely textbook delivery, a new selection process for educational CEOs, and the creation of standardized examination boards and central authorities for curriculum and school improvement. Special education is also prioritized through the Taleem Program, offering resources and training for children with special needs. These comprehensive efforts aim to create a more equitable and effective educational system in Punjab.

Similarly, Maryam Nawaz leads a healthcare revolution in rural Punjab with innovative initiatives. The “Clinics on Wheels” program delivers comprehensive healthcare, including maternity services, directly to doorsteps six days a week, while the “Field Hospitals” project repurposes 32 old containers into fully equipped medical facilities across all 36 districts. Maryam’s hands-on approach shines in the “Free Medicine Delivery Project,” where she personally delivered medications, bringing tears of joy to recipients. Additionally, she’s establishing cardiology centers and advocating for a free insulin program in eight districts. Her dedication to rural healthcare is evident in revamping 300 Rural Health Centres and 2,500 Basic Health Units, ensuring modern facilities and availability of doctors. She’s also establishing the groundwork for the Sargodha Institute of Cardiology and launching Pakistan’s first air ambulance service for the underprivileged, guaranteeing rapid emergency transportation for critical cases. With these initiatives, Maryam Nawaz is not just improving healthcare; she’s revolutionizing it, ensuring equitable access for all.

In Social Welfare, She is directing a charge of transformative initiatives, igniting hope and change across communities. From the “Apni Chhat… Apna Ghar (Own Roof…Own Home)” project, offering affordable housing solutions for the underprivileged, to the “Roshan Gharana Program,” brightening homes with solar systems for 50,000 households, her vision is creating practical improvements in lives. In the heart of it all, lies the Ashiana Housing Scheme, promising 100,000 homes to those in need, a beacon of hope for vulnerable families striving for stability. Yet, her commitment extends beyond housing, with the relentless pursuit of a “Drug-Free Punjab” and crackdowns against dangerous kite flying, ensuring safety and prosperity for all.

Furthermore, CM is leading Punjab into a new era of innovation and progress with a bold series of projects. From inaugurating Pakistan’s first Nawaz Sharif IT City to unveiling its tax-free status for a decade, she’s attracting international tech giants and educational institutions to the region. Adding to the excitement, free WiFi services are now available at 50 locations in Lahore, enhancing connectivity for all. Under her visionary Chief Minister Skills Development Programme, thousands of youths annually will receive advanced IT training, boosting their employability with prestigious certifications. Meanwhile, plans are underway for CBD Business Centers in eight cities, alongside the development of CBD Grand Central Station and Grand Souk Lahore. With a focus on modern infrastructure and eco-friendly solutions, Maryam Nawaz’s leadership is positioning Punjab as a thriving hub for technology and commerce.

Likewise, She has launched groundbreaking initiatives to empower and protect women in Punjab. She inaugurated Pakistan’s first Virtual Women Police Station, “Meri Awaz…Maryam Nawaz,” offering confidential assistance through the 15-call helpline, covering issues from harassment to crime investigation. She also launched the “Never Again” safety app and increased the job quota for women in the Punjab Public Service Commission from 10% to 15%.She allocated funds for daycare centers and working women’s hostels to uplift job-oriented women. She also announced that women would receive fifty percent of loans in online businesses. In a celebration of female athleticism, Maryam Nawaz inaugurated the Chief Minister Pink Games 2024, welcoming 1,300 female athletes from 16 universities across Punjab. The event featured a torch presentation by volleyball player Zeenat Waqar, vibrant light shows, cultural performances, and traditional dances. Maryam Nawaz announced a 100 percent increase in prize money to Rs. 1 crore and highlighted the importance of parental support in the success of daughters. She expressed pride in the participants, emphasizing the potential and talent of Punjab’s young women, and committed to their continued protection and advancement.

Maryam Nawaz Sharif has also initiated Revolutionary infrastructure programs to transform Punjab through the “Sarkein Bahaal Punjab Khushhal Project”, focusing on rehabilitating inter and intra-district roads with an emphasis on quality and swift completion. She has initiated the construction of five express highways via public-private partnerships and remodeled the Shahdara Metro Bus Station to enhance public transport and reduce environmental pollution. Additionally, she announced the introduction of electric buses in Lahore, highlighting her commitment to modernizing Punjab’s infrastructure.

Under her dynamic leadership, Punjab has achieved a stunning economic turnaround, slashing inflation from 36% to an impressive 17% in just 100 days. This remarkable feat highlights her strategic brilliance and unwavering dedication to the economic well-being of the people. The prices of essential commodities like wheat and flour have plummeted by 30% to 48%, offering much-needed relief and significantly improving the quality of life for millions of Punjabis. This success story is a testament to her effective governance and vision for a prosperous and thriving Punjab.

To sum up the first 100 days of her tenure, Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s leadership reflects a deep- seated commitment to uplifting the lives of Punjab’s people. Her visionary policies and tireless efforts have driven a remarkable transformation, igniting a spirit of progress across the province. As she crosses the 100-day milestone, Maryam Nawaz continues to steer Punjab towards a destiny

filled with prosperity. Under her guidance, Punjab is not only embracing change but also shaping a brighter future for its residents.

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