One of the most thrilling batsmen in modern cricket is Babar Azam. He has recently been in amazing form, and many people now consider him to be the best batsman in the world.

At the age of 20, Babar Azam made his international debut for Pakistan in 2015. He immediately became a dependable squad member, and in 2017 he was appointed captain of the Pakistan ODI team.

Babar is praised so highly for a variety of factors. He has excellent technique and can score runs in any situation. He is a fiercely competitive batsman who is not hesitant to challenge the bowlers.

The performance of Babar across all game forms is exceptional. He has 17 hundreds and a batting average of over 59 in one-day international cricket. He averages above 41 and has eight hundreds in T20I cricket. With an average of above 44, he is also a very strong Test batter.

Babar is a great captain in addition to being a superb batsman. In 2022, he guided Pakistan to their first series victory in Australia in more than 20 years—a 2-1 series victory.

Babar is perhaps the best all-format batter in the world right now since he is a complete batsman. He is entertaining to watch and is certain to keep setting records in the years to come.

Babar Azam is regarded as the best cricket player of the present generation for a number of reasons, some of which are listed below.

Technically gifted: Babar can score runs in any situation thanks to his excellent technique. He has a broad variety of shots in his arsenal and does particularly well against spin bowling.

Aggressive batsman: Babar never hesitates to challenge the bowlers and is constantly trying to score runs. He has a high strike rate and can speed up the scoring rate when necessary.

Consistent performer: For many years, Babar has been in fantastic shape and has routinely scored runs at the highest level. In ODI and T20I cricket, he is the only batsman in the world to average over 50.

Captaincy skills: Babar is an excellent captain who has guided Pakistan to several victories. Under pressure, he maintains his composure and is able to motivate his players to perform at their peak.

Babar Azam’s achievements

Highest ranked ODI batsman in the world

The International Cricket Council (ICC) now ranks Babar as the best ODI batsman in the world. Since February 2021, he has served in this capacity.

Highest ranked T20I batsman in the world

The ICC has ranked Babar as the best T20I batsman in the world. He’s been in this role since January 2022.

ODI Cricketer of the Year

In 2022, Babar received the ICC ODI Cricketer of the Year award. He is the first batsman from Pakistan to receive this honor.

Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy

In addition, Babar received the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy in 2022 for being the ICC Men’s Cricketer of the Year. He is the first batsman from Pakistan to receive this honor.

Here are some additional thoughts on Babar Azam’s greatness

He is an all-around batsman who is equally skilled at playing in all game formats.

He is a batsman with a high level of intelligence who can read the game really well and adjust his approach accordingly.

He is a highly tenacious batsman who, even when things don’t go his way, never gives up.

He is a very modest batsman who is always eager to pick up new skills and get better.

Babar Azam’s future

Considering that Babar Azam is only 28 years old, he still has a lot of cricket left in him. He is currently among the finest batsmen in the world, and there is no reason to think that he won’t keep getting better.

Babar has the potential to rank among the greatest batsmen of all time if he can maintain his level of fitness and performance. In Pakistan, he is already a legend, and he will undoubtedly go down as one of the all-time greats.


Young cricket players all over the world look up to Babar Azam as a role model. He demonstrates that perseverance and hard effort can pay off and that, with the right attitude, anything is possible. We can all learn a lot from him, and he is an inspiration to us all.

He is an aggressive batsman with excellent technique who makes a great captain. He still has a long and fruitful career ahead of him, and he will undoubtedly set many more records then.


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