In a significant move towards inclusive education, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has announced the establishment of 300 Special Education Schools as Centres of Excellence across Punjab. This announcement came during a special education ceremony focused on providing hearing aids and launching an enrolment campaign for out-of-school special children on Thursday.

The ceremony was marked by Maryam Nawaz’s heartfelt interactions with the special children. She left her seat to sit among them, holding a special child in her lap, and closely observed the medical tests being conducted for children with hearing impairments. The CM also inspected the handicrafts and paintings created by the special children, who later presented her with a painting and a sketch as tokens of their appreciation.

Launching the Enrolment Campaign

The Chief Minister formally launched the enrolment campaign aimed at integrating out-of-school special children into the educational system. As part of this initiative, she personally distributed hearing aids to Mehwish Mumtaz, Muhammad Hammad, Ghulam Farid, Farman Ali, and Ume Emain. This gesture underscored the government’s commitment to enhancing the educational experiences and opportunities for children with special needs.

In her address, Maryam Nawaz expressed her gratitude towards UNICEF, GPE, and the Special Education Department for their support in providing hearing aids. She emphasized the importance of mainstreaming special children, stating, “We will establish 300 Special Education Schools as Centres of Excellence in every district. We will do whatever we can to bring special children into the mainstream.”

Heartfelt Interactions and Support

During the ceremony, special children recited the Holy Quran and Naat-e-Rasool SAW, while visually impaired girls performed the national anthem and a national song. Maryam Nawaz asked the special children to sit on the stage before her speech, choosing to address the audience while sitting among them instead of standing at a traditional dais. She referred to the children as her heroes and expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the love they showed her.

Comprehensive Support for Special Needs

Maryam Nawaz also announced the allocation of funds for the establishment of a dedicated institution for children with autism. Emphasizing the government’s inclusive approach, she mentioned, “Whosoever wants a wheelchair, he should write to me and it will be given immediately. I am going to launch a wheelchair project soon.” She added that with the provision of necessary aids like hearing devices and eyeglasses, special children could transition to public schools from special schools.

Collaboration and Future Projects

The ceremony featured speeches from UNICEF representative Abdullah Fadil and Secretary of Special Education, who both lauded the government’s initiatives and pledged continued support. Their collaboration is expected to further strengthen the efforts to provide quality education and support to special children across Punjab.


The multifaceted initiatives announced by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz reflect a comprehensive approach towards improving education for special children, supporting their integration into mainstream schools, and providing necessary aids to enhance their learning experiences. These steps are expected to significantly contribute to the province’s overall development and inclusivity, ensuring that no child is left behind.


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