Maryam Nawaz has carved out a formidable reputation for herself in political landscape. Every political worker know what struggle she did for democracy in Pakistan. She always refused to take dictation. Her struggle is exemplary as no female leader in the history of Pakistan ever challenged fascist regime in so clear terms. She stood tall defying all odds. Her indomitable spirit to fight against undemocratic forces no matter what it takes is what makes her different from others. Maryam Nawaz is not just another politician. She is the conscience of this democracy.

Maryam Nawaz left her ailing mother & came to Pakistan to face false charges for the future of the nation, for the democracy, and for the civilian supremacy. She was then arrested infront of her father. She spent 3months for no crime. Washed dishes, clothes, had unhygienic food, slept on a charpai. She spent Eid in Jail, even after strong victimization she didn’t take dictation.

When out on bail, they dragged her to courts every other day on false charges. Ruthless accountability was carried out against her but nothing against her was found. She wasn’t allowed to leave the country. And was even deprived of seeing her ailing mother and the last time she saw her was in the coffin. 

She stood by her father like a rock. Took on her detractors without any fear of consequences.She single handedly fought against the fascist regime and checkmated the mighty powers for the betterment of our people and our nation.She fought  for democracy and the rule of law in Pakistan. She has been a strong voice for the people of Pakistan and has been working tirelessly to bring about change in the country.

She has shown that even in the face of adversity, one can stand up for what is right and fight for justice. Her courage and determination has made her a role model for women in Pakistan and around the world.Her legacy is one of courage, determination, and a commitment to democracy and civilian supremacy.


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