One of the greatest hitters in the world right now is Babar Azam. His ODI average is over 55 and his test average is over 50. In addition, he is the first batter in history to have scored more than 2,000 runs in a single year in all three game types. But in recent times, his leadership has come under fire, especially in light of Pakistan’s dismal showing at the 2023 World Cup.

The primary critique leveled against Babar’s captaincy is his excessive defensiveness. Even when his team is winning, he typically sets up defensive fields and bowling attacks. Pakistan has consequently been charged with being overly pessimistic and lacking in aggression.

The fact that Babar is so rigid is another critique of his leadership. Even when his methods are ineffective, he is hesitant to alter them. This was seen in the 2023 World Cup, when Pakistan continued to field the same batting lineup and bowling assault despite their poor performance.

Another criticism leveled at Babar’s captaincy is that it depends too much on him. He frequently assumes excessive responsibility in the field as well as at bat. He could feel pressured by this and make blunders.

There are certain things that Babar does well as a captain, despite the criticism. Even in stressful situations, he maintains his composure. In addition, he has strong communication skills and can inspire his team.

But if Babar wants to guide Pakistan to victory, he must get better at captaincy. He must adopt a more assertive and adaptable strategy. In addition, he needs to increase his players’ trust and understand how to assign responsibilities.

As a captain, Babar Azam has a great deal of potential overall. But if he wants to guide Pakistan to victory, he must sharpen his judgment and strategies.


Although Babar Azam is a gifted batter, he is still growing as a skipper. Although he has exhibited some encouraging traits recently, he has also committed a few blunders. Whether he can become an elite captain is still to be seen.


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