Wedding traditions and rituals vary widely among cultures, ethnic groups, religions, nations, and social classes, which will undoubtedly impact wedding photography services. In addition, weddings have evolved dramatically over the years, and new wedding trends develop each year. In contemporary weddings, for instance, many couples aspire for a “wow” effect that will impress their guests and be remembered for years after their marriage has passed. In the past, wedding fashions have included wearing colored wedding dresses, including specialty foods, and using distinctive bouquets.

Pakistanis are serious about knot-tying. Everything is a well curated lifetime endeavor from cuisine to guests to décor to clothing. Therefore, marriage in Pakistan is a serious business. You cannot invest poorly in it, nor can you keep it (the marriage) to yourself. The weddings are often large, extravagant, and last several days or weeks. In the country, the sheer quantity of activities has become the standard and typically includes rites of baat pakki, engagement, nikah, dholki, mehendi, rukhsati, and valima. Families with sufficient financial resources tend to add a few events.

Despite the nation’s worsening economic situation, the wedding business continues to thrive as the public continues to want larger and more extravagant weddings. Karachi, as a major metropolitan area, is anticipated to contribute Rs 168 billion to the country’s wedding industry, which is valued at roughly Rs 900 billion annually.

Social Media and Trends

In this technological day, it is not surprising that Instagram has had an impact on wedding photography. Social media has become an integral component of all events, particularly weddings. Social media is the primary reason for everyone’s meticulous wedding planning. No one wants their wedding to appear poorly on Instagram, right? However, social media has also been an inspiration source for many couples. With a simple hashtag, it is now possible to examine millions of wedding photos from around the world and draw inspiration from them. Social media has also pushed individuals to personalize and make their weddings more unique. In the past ten years, weddings have shifted from a basic theme to a more customized one. Now, every wedding is a reflection of the personalities of the husband and bride. Every couple today desires to bring more of themselves to the wedding, and we all live for it. Dawat ensures that the wedding reflects your personality and tastes precisely.

The Major Money 

It is very typical for couples to feel the need to employ a wedding planner in order to guarantee that their special day is the best that it can be due to the high standards established by modern society. Regarding the wedding market, determining the size of the pie presents a few challenges. To begin with, we will claim that the wedding industry is one of Pakistan’s largest sectors. However, this is not a unified industry like the steel or cement industries. It is a merger of numerous smaller enterprises and industries. Consider for a moment what goes into the typical Pakistani wedding. First and foremost, there is the location and catering. In addition, you can anticipate the design and floral arrangements. Then there are the wedding attires worn by the bride, husband, and guests. And then there are the minor touches, such as greeting cards, presents, makeup, event organizing, and sweets. After all, additions are made, the tab ends up being quite hefty, a vast influx of economic activity all controlled by marriage. Nowadays, couples spend more money on their wedding guests. This does not merely indicate that the cost per plate has increased, but rather that couples are providing more for their guests. There is virtually little information regarding the size of the industry in Pakistan, but a glance across the border provides some insight.

COVID-19 & Pakistani Weddings

Desi marriages have undergone a significant transformation, with more emphasis now placed on appearance rather than reality. What a pleasant delight it was that Covid shook up the wedding industry and forced individuals to have more private ceremonies in the comfort of their own homes. But as life returned to its previous normalcy, the wedding business resumed its former splendour. Mehmood argues that although most weddings have decreased throughout the Covid era, emotions have grown in size and quality. Covid affected wedding photographers similarly to everyone else. During lockdowns, restaurants and other industries have considerable influence over the timing and other factors. The government provided no assistance to our industry. There was no recompense in terms of timing or allowance. Whenever a lockdown was announced or any other decision was made, the food sector had substantial input. We were totally in the dark and simply played a waiting game.

Future of Pakistani Weddings Markets

Wedding photography is a lucrative industry but is also becoming very crowded. The older generation of conventional studio photographers is still active in the industry, but their specialized aesthetic distinguishes the newer photographers. Many of the technological developments that have an impact on the wedding business go hand in hand. Wedding planners, photographers, caterers, and any other providers have high-quality images of their prior work on their websites and social media pages. This demonstrates their abilities and serves as an advertisement to couples looking for wedding services. This combines developments in photography, advertising technology, the expansion of the internet, and the emergence of social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

Even though times are tough, larger weddings continue to take place. Money is no longer the only issue; it’s also about how nicely you can exhibit it. As the saying goes, you can’t purchase class, and weddings are the ideal occasion to demonstrate that you have both.


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