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While we typically see them under the dazzling lights of film sets or gracing magazine covers, celebrities in Pakistan and India are increasingly venturing beyond the confines of entertainment. They’re turning their star power into entrepreneurial fuel, launching diverse businesses that showcase their hidden talents and passions. Let’s explore some of these ventures, learning about the celebrities behind them and the intriguing worlds they’ve created.

From Bollywood Diva to Fashion Mogul: Renowned for her immaculate sense of style and elegance, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja founded Rhea Kapoor Label, her own apparel line, with her sister. The brand offers stylish, sophisticated designs that combine traditional and modern elements in order to respond to the needs of the modern Indian woman. Fashion lovers favor Kapoor Ahuja’s label because of her excellent eye for detail and grasp of her target market.

Mahira Khan: A Business Gem from Pakistan

Leading actress in Pakistani entertainment, Mahira Khan, has established herself as a formidable businesswoman in addition to her performing career. Her passion for style and fashion is evident in the clothing brand “Mashion,” which she co-owns. Through this endeavor, Mahira Khan has been able to showcase her entrepreneurial energy in addition to her acting profession and engage with her fans on a new level.

Cricket Captain, Restaurant Connoisseur: The captain of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli, is well-known for more than just his hitting ability. Along with being a co-founder of the One8 Commune company, he is also a restaurant. The eateries provide a contemporary interpretation of Indian food by fusing well-known tastes with creative presentation and a chic setting. The restaurant’s menu, which offers filling and delectable selections, reflects Kohli’s passion for exercise and good eating.

From Lollywood Hero to Music Mogul: The debut artist of Sound Nation is none other than Ali Zafar, the popular Pakistani singer and actor. The label wants to help emerging Pakistani musicians by giving them a stage on which to perform for a larger audience. The label’s success has been greatly attributed to Zafar’s grasp of the industry and his own musical journey, which has helped to shape the Pakistani music landscape and discover new talents.

A Royal Affair in Fashion: The Pakistani actress Saba Qamar, who has won over fans with her wide range of performances, has opened a clothing line called “The House of Saba”. Qamar’s passion of traditional workmanship and his own distinct style served as the inspiration for the line’s exquisite and timeless designs. Fashion-conscious ladies in Pakistan and abroad have responded favorably to her emphasis on fine fabrics and minute details.

From the Big Screen to Being Human: Another big name in Bollywood, Salman Khan, is renowned for his commercial savvy and charitable endeavors in addition to his acting abilities. The actor founded the nonprofit “Being Human” foundation, which prioritizes healthcare and education. With his production company, Salman Khan Films, Salman Khan has also entered the producing field, demonstrating his dedication to both entertainment and social duty.

Bollywood Beauty & Sustainable Living: Shraddha Kapoor, who is well-known for her vivacious nature and environmental awareness, collaborated with her brother to introduce a clothing brand composed of recycled plastic. The clothing line “Rebels Against Pollution” promotes sustainable practices and ethical fashion choices in addition to providing fashionable and cozy apparel. Setting a good example for the industry, Kapoor’s commitment to environmental conservation connects with an increasingly environmentally conscious generation.

These are but a handful of the numerous Pakistani and Indian celebrities who are making well for themselves in a variety of business endeavors. Both admirers and wannabe business owners are motivated by their enterprising mindset and openness to trying new things. Their accomplishments open the door for a more varied and dynamic business environment in both nations by proving that talent and hard work can flourish in fields outside of the conventional entertainment sector.


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