Rain forced the recent Asia Cup match between India and Pakistan to be called off, disappointing the supporters of both sides. But some have criticized India for having an inflated sense of self and refusing to move the match to a new venue or time. Let’s examine the matter more closely to determine whether these criticisms are valid.

The Abandoned Match

India and Pakistan were due to compete in an Asia Cup game on September 2, 2023. Unfortunately, play was halted following the end of the first inning due to rain, and the game was called off. Fans of both sides were disappointed since they anticipated a spectacular contest between two of the top cricket teams in the world.

India’s Big Ego?

People have criticized India for having a big ego and not being willing to play the match at a different time or location. Jay Shah, the Secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), found himself under intense scrutiny and criticism when the India-Pakistan match faced repeated rain delays, yet the venue remained unchanged. Many fans and experts questioned the decision not to shift the game to an alternative location, given the unpredictable weather conditions. This controversy raised concerns about prioritizing commercial interests over the quality and fairness of the game, leading to a heated debate within the cricketing community.

What Happens Next?

Both teams received one point each when the game was called off. As a result, the tournament is still going on as planned and neither team has an advantage over the other. The regulations would have been different if it had been a knockout match, though. The team that placed higher in the group stage in that situation would have proceeded to the next step.


In conclusion, it is clear that both Indian and Pakistani fans were disappointed by the game’s cancellation. This regrettable situation might have been avoided if India and Jay Shah had followed the recommendations of the match authorities and thought about moving the game because of the incessant rain. It’s unfortunate, especially given that Pakistan had a good chance to win the match, leaving cricket fans with a lingering sense of what could have been..


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