The number of Pakistanis emigrating from their country has increased recently. There are many causes for this flight, but they all point to a situation that is getting worse in Pakistan. The following are some of the primary reasons Pakistanis look to other countries for improved economic prospects:

Inflation and job losses

Millions of urban middle-class people have been pushed to the edge of destitution due to skyrocketing inflation and the rupee’s 30% devaluation in 2022. The rural poor have been devastated by cataclysmic floods. People have had to deal with unemployment, low earnings, and little opportunities to progress their professions due to the country’s severe political and economic crisis.

Brain drain

Thousands of highly educated individuals, including doctors, engineers, information technology specialists, and accountants, are fleeing Pakistan as a result of a brain drain catastrophe. According to government records, 765,000 people emigrated from Pakistan to other countries in 2022, more than double the 225,000 people who left the country in 2021 and 288,000 in 2020. 92,000 people with advanced degrees were also included in this year’s report.

Limited job opportunities

Pakistan has one of the greatest rates of population growth in the world, with a third of its 230 million people under the age of 14, and employment creation is unable to keep up. There are few good reasons to stay in Pakistan given its dismal economic situation. Given that its foreign exchange holdings have decreased to $2.9 billion, it is on the verge of collapse.

Security concerns

For many years, terrorism and sectarian violence have plagued Pakistan, and the situation has not gotten any better. A deepening political crisis is also affecting the nation, and the military is influencing politics more and more.

Limited freedom of expression

Journalists and activists in Pakistan frequently endure harassment, threats, and acts of violence because of their advocacy for free speech. Many people have sought safety abroad as a result of this.


In Pakistan, discrimination against racial and religious minorities is a serious issue. Pakistani law categorizes the Ahmadiyya Islamic group, which holds that there was a prophet who came after Mohammed, as non-Muslims, and many Pakistanis view them as heretics. As a result, they have been the target of violence, and many have sought asylum elsewhere.

In conclusion, a mix of economic, political, and social factors are causing a large number of Pakistanis to emigrate from their nation. The country is losing its most skilled and educated inhabitants as a result of the brain drain situation, which is particularly concerning. The exodus is likely to continue unless the government takes swift action to address these problems, which will have major repercussions for Pakistan’s future.


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