The most effective tools available to humanity are education and information. It is essential to be able to change the world in a meaningful way. Education is not just about knowledge; it is also about understanding. A great deal of the violence and strife in the world today often stems from both a fear of the unknown and a misunderstanding of it.

All girls and young women have a human right to a quality education, which should be a top priority for global development. Education and schools significantly influence how children and young people see themselves and others. As a result, school settings must promote gender equality and offer secure areas where all students can learn.

Educating girls involves more than just enrolling them in classes. It also consists in giving girls a chance to complete all levels of education, acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in the labour market, gain the socio-emotional and life skills required to navigate and adapt to a changing world, make their own life decisions, and contributing to their communities and the larger world.

According to UNESCO statistics, 139 million females worldwide do not attend school, including 32 million

 elementary school students and 97 million secondary 

school students.

One of the critical determinants of whether a girl can access and complete her education is poverty. Girls who experience various disadvantages, such as low-income family income or living in distant or underserved areas, lag behind the most in terms of access to and completion of education, according to studies that keep coming out in support of this idea. 

Another critical concern is child marriage. Girls who marry young are much more likely to leave

 school early and finish fewer years of education than 

their peers who married later. They also experience higher levels of aggression from their partner and are more likely to have parents at a young age. This, in turn, impacts their children’s health, education, and ability to support themselves. Violence also contributes to preventing girls from accessing and completing education. Girls frequently have to walk great distances to get to

 school, which increases their risk of assault. Many girls also encounter abuse at school.

Girls and boys are empowered by gender-equitable educational institutions, which also support the growth of crucial life skills like self-control, communication, negotiation, and critical thinking. They create prosperity for entire nations by closing skills gaps that cause pay gaps.

The 2015 Oslo Summit on Education and Development referred to Pakistan as “among the worst performing countries in education.” In its manifesto, the newly elected administration from July 2018 noted that nearly 22.5 million kids are not attending school. Particularly affected are girls. In Pakistan, 32 percent of girls in primary school are not enrolled, compared to 21 percent of boys. By grade six, 59 percent of girls and 49 percent of boys are out of school. By the ninth grade, only 13% of girls are still enrolled. Unacceptable percentages of boys and girls miss out on education, but the impact on girls is worse.

Pakistan’s current social environment is poisoned by political instability, disproportionate security force control over the government, persecution of civil society and the media, violent insurgency, and rising ethnic and religious conflicts. Girls suffer the most from these influences, which divert attention away from the government’s responsibility to provide necessities like education.

In our culture, it is more important to ensure that our daughters marry into the appropriate families and receive adequate dowries to earn the respect of their future husbands. Our daughters should have the right to an education so they can support themselves when necessary if there is one thing we should instil in them. We need to provide kids with the right tools so they won’t feel helpless in particular circumstances. For them to speak up when they are not treated fairly, we must ensure that they are not reliant on others and that we have given them the necessary encouragement and confidence.

According to research, women with higher education tend to be healthier, earn more money, marry later, have fewer kids, and those kids grow up to be more beneficial as well. A mother’s education is the single most significant determinant in the results of her children’s lives. Women with education help pull their families, communities, and nations out of poverty.

Education for women has economic advantages because it can help achieve social and human development and gender equality. Numerous empirical research has shown that raising women’s levels of education increases their income and that women frequently experience higher returns to schooling than males do. A rise in female education levels increases human development like child survival, health, and education. As a result of lowering the average level of human capital, lesser female education has a detrimental effect on economic growth. According to developmental economists, educating women in underdeveloped nations lowers fertility and infant death rates and raises children’s educational attainment. Gender disparities in education directly and profoundly impact economic growth. Education has been demonstrated to be a powerful educational tool for future generations.

Applicable rules and measures taken by colleges, universities, and school districts to address the violence and harassment that many students encounter are essential to ensuring that all students have access to education. Applicable rules and measures taken by colleges, universities, and school districts to address the violence and harassment many students encounter are essential to ensuring that all students have access to education.

There is nothing wrong with imagining primary schools when considering girls’ education. But to support girls’ success in life, we must give both things that occur before and after elementary school equal emphasis. Girls and young women entering the workforce in the twenty-first century will require information and skills that can only be acquired throughout a lifetime. At every step of the journey, they need our assistance.


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