In 2017, a dark chapter was etched in Pakistan’s history, as the foundation for the destruction of our beloved nation was laid. It was during this time that the sitting Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, a visionary leader who had steered Pakistan out of the depths of economic and security troubles, was unjustly disqualified. This disqualification came as a result of the most absurd of charges, tearing apart the hopes and dreams of a leader dedicated to the progress and prosperity of our people.

Let us not forget that the Panama Papers scandal implicated not just one, but 427 individuals, yet even after seven long years, no significant legal action has been taken against them. How can we stand by and witness such blatant hypocrisy, where the voice of justice remains silent when it comes to those responsible, while selectively targeting a leader who was actually delivering positive change for our great nation?

It becomes painfully evident that the Panama Papers were exploited as a mere excuse, a weapon to assail the economic and security interests of Pakistan. A vicious media trial was orchestrated, attempting to tarnish the reputation of Nawaz Sharif and fueling a narrative of guilt without any evidence. And then, in an act of unforgivable injustice, our Prime Minister was disqualified, leaving our country in a state of turmoil.

But let us take solace in the fact that justice has a way of finding its voice, even in the most unexpected places. Today, within the very institution where this mockery of justice unfolded, the Supreme Court, courageous voices are rising, demanding an end to this travesty. It is imperative, for the sake of Pakistan’s true progress, that this unjust decision is reversed, and those responsible for orchestrating this heinous betrayal from within the institution are held accountable.

Our love for Pakistan knows no bounds, and it is with unwavering patriotism that we raise our voices against this injustice. We stand united in our pursuit of a fair and just Pakistan, where leaders who work tirelessly for the betterment of our people are celebrated, not condemned. May the winds of change sweep away the dark clouds of injustice, and may our nation rise again, stronger and more resilient than ever before.




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