Fed up with the worsening political and economic situation in Pakistan, young people illegally travel to Europe and pay millions of rupees to agents without caring about the financial and personal loss and leave with the dream of a better future in their minds. This trip is also called “Dinky” to illegally go to Europe through Quetta, Iran goes further through Turkey and Greece. Over the last two decades, this dangerous journey has emerged as a vast business in Pakistan and an organized international network is involved in this business and these groups are under the patronage of the people in each country’s administration. These agents trap  innocent and poverty-stricken people in their net and take money from them and send them to Quetta and from there they take them to the border of Iran by sitting in small cars with more capacity. In this way, the operatives of the agents take mobile phones and cash from these innocent people and keep them in many safe houses.

They are kept hungry and thirsty for days. After that, the operatives of the agents near the Iran border contact the people in their network across the border and get the green signal of the border clearance. In this way, they keep these people in safe houses in Iran and cross the dangerous Mako mountain range of Turkey after traveling for hundreds of kilometers. The most dangerous and difficult passage from Pakistan to Europe is the Mako mountain range, with a deep gorge on one side and the merciless Iranians on the other.

The security forces who see the migrants as enemies and shoot them when they see an opportunity. Passers-by always see human structures, either they died of hunger or they are the victims of bullets. People arrive in Turkey and pay smugglers in Pakistan and then contact agents to go to Greece. The only way to get to Greece illegally from Turkey is through the so-called “canal route” border between Turkey and Greece.

There is a canal between  Turkey and Greece where migrants sit in boats and enter the borders of Greece. Until 2017, the Greek border forces did not act as harshly as after that their attitude changed. Various international news agencies have recorded footages like this , migrants are tortured and treated inhumanely by Greek border security forces, and those who successfully cross the border into Greece go from Austria-Hungary to Italy, France or Travel forward through the taxi game or truck game to Germany as Turkish and Greek authorities begin to close illegal migrant routes. And from there they are sent to Italy by sea in boats with more than capacity and a few of them are lucky enough to reach their destination and the majority are victims of the bloody waves of the sea.

According to an international news organization, more human bodies are trapped in the nets of Tunisian fishermen than fish. Now the question is how human traffickers trap innocent people in their nets. In the current era, social media is such a platform through which human smugglers give all the details of their illegal journey to Europe and also force the arriving migrants to make videos in favor of the agents saying that our agent is very good and we have travelled safely and did not experience any kind of inconvenience.

I myself have seen such posts on social media where the agents have written the details of the trip like normal game, VIP, VVIP game and their rates have also been written. According to various reports, every year eight to one million people from Pakistan choose these dangerous routes to go to Europe illegally. The ever-increasing inflation, unemployment and political chaos in Pakistan have forced people to choose this dangerous journey. A heavy responsibility rests on the shoulders of the present government to take strict legal action without discrimination  against all those who are involved in this disgraceful business


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