Fashion often plays a key role in politics, particularly when it comes to making an impression
on those in power. Pakistan is no exception and over the years, fashion has become an
integral part of Pakistani political culture. Being a fashion designer who is a politician as well,
I will explain some of the ways that fashion is being used to make statements and influence
politics in Pakistan.
High-Quality Shalwar Kameez Outfits
One of the most popular styles worn by politicians in Pakistan is shalwar kameez – an outfit
consisting of a long tunic worn over pants and finished off with either a shawl or dupatta.
Politicians tend to opt for high-quality fabrics such as silk or jacquard and these outfits are
often exquisitely embroidered with zari or tila threadwork in vibrant colors, conveying
sophistication and sophistication influence for anyone trying to rise up through politics.

Statement Turbans

Turbans are commonplace among many Pakistani men but they become statement pieces
when chosen carefully. For politicians, choosing the right color combination and material can
be just as important as selecting their tee shirts, trousers and other accessories for any
given occasion. Certain types of turbans might also send messages to particular people: for
example, if there’s a dispute between two groups within a particular party then wearing a
turban associated with one group could demonstrate support for that particular side.

Smart Casual Wear

More recently, Pakistani politicians have been opting for smart casual wear when going out
into public settings or attending events. This look ensures they maintain their smart
appearance without resorting to traditional attire which might come across as outdated or
outmoded in today’s high tech age. Items such as designer jeans paired with tailored blazers
can give them a stylish yet contemporary look that won’t draw attention away from their
message or ideas during public speaking engagements or press conferences.

Jewellery Accessories
In addition to clothing items worn by politicians in Pakistan, jewellery has also become an
important aspect of fashion used to complement their overall looks as well as express their
own individual sense of style. Such items can include rings made from precious stones,
large necklaces featuring pendants crafted from jadeite, intricately threaded gold earrings; all
these small details add up to create an ensemble worthy of importance not only by rank but
also by virtue of its timeless elegance and beauty!
Fashion plays an integral role in Pakistani politics and citizens observe the clothing choices
made by politicians very carefully when determining who they will vote into office come
election time. Clothing items such as shalwar kameez suits, turbans, jewellery accessories
and smart casual wear all play important roles in conveying messages about policies and
ideologies while also helping each candidate stand out amongst others vying for the same


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