Pakistan is a nation that enjoys sports, and sports are an integral aspect of Pakistan’s culture. Nonetheless, this affection is not restricted to one or two games. There are several popular games in Pakistan. In Pakistan, cricket is the most played and popular sport, while field hockey, polo, and squash are also popular. Traditional Pakistani sports such as kabaddi and other famous sports.

Cricket is more than a sport in Pakistan; it is a way of life. The nation is devoted to sports, from neighborhood games to international championships. So it is not surprising that cricket has become Pakistan’s most popular sport. In this blog post, we will investigate why cricket has grown so popular in Pakistan, from its history and culture to its impact on contemporary society. We’ll also examine how some of Pakistan’s most legendary cricketers continue to inspire younger generations of athletes.

Cricket’s popularity in Pakistan

Cricket was brought by the British to the subcontinent around the middle of the 19th century before Pakistan split from India.

Pakistan is a cricket-loving nation, and cricket is by far the country’s most popular sport. Supporters of all ages enthusiastically follow cricket, and the Pakistani national squad is a source of tremendous pride.

The popularity of cricket in Pakistan dates back to the sport’s first days in the nation. Pakistan has played cricket since the 19th century and has always had a large fan base. Since 1952, when a Pakistani side played its first international cricket match, Pakistan has been an active part of the international cricket community.

Pakistan has hosted numerous international cricket championships, including the 1987 and 1996 World Cups. In addition, Imran Khan and Wasim Akram, two of the world’s best cricketers, were both born in Pakistan.

The nation’s passion for the sport is evident whenever there is a significant cricket tournament in Pakistan. When Pakistan wins a match or game, fans flood stadiums to cheer on their side, and celebrations break out across the country. Cricket is the true beating heart of Pakistan.

Cricket in Pakistan is inexpensive. 

Cricket can be played with a variety of equipment. For example, a boy under seven will play with a ball and bat made of plastic. At the age of 12, he will begin playing with a tennis ball tape ball.

Because it only takes a taped ball, a bat, and a wicket, tape-ball cricket is predominantly played by youths and even some adults in Pakistan. In addition, tape ball cricket does not result in significant injuries like hardball cricket. However, Hardball cricket requires a unique field, uniform, spikes, bat, ball, pads, helmet, abdominal guard, thigh pad, chest pad, and other protective equipment. Thus, additional funds are required for this equipment.

For a developing nation, there are many inexpensive items of higher quality than in industrialized countries with comparable costs. For example, the best tape ball bat costs three dollars, a good tennis ball with tape costs one dollar, and a wicket costs two dollars. Thus, 22 participants can play the entire game for approximately $12.

Cricket is Highly Sponsored

As the nation plays, watches, and enjoys cricket, it has numerous sponsors and stakeholders.

Moreover, Pakistan’s largest mega-event, Pakistan Super League (PSL), is the platform where different cosmetic, mobile & communications, food & beverage sectors sponsor multiple teams.

However, numerous significant corporations, like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Lays, support the national team. These industries also compensate the athletes for their advertising. In addition, other banks support several domestic competitions throughout the year. Therefore, cricket is the only sport that receives less sponsorship in Pakistan. This relationship with powerful consumer brands puts the mark at the forefront of the public’s mind and preserves its status as the nation’s most popular sport.

The Cricket Rivalry between Pakistan and India

From British dominance on the subcontinent until it became an independent nation, Pakistan’s relations with India have been antagonistic.

During the period of independence, many people perished in both countries, resulting in resentment and hatred. A Pakistan-India cricket match is the world’s most watched, engaging, and high-pressure contest. This pressure is a result of the public’s lofty expectations for athletes. However, if the athlete performs well, he will be more than adequately compensated. However, if he falls short of expectations, he will be criticized for the remainder of his life.

Australia and England’s Ashes rivalry is another example of this rivalry. However, this competitiveness is also essential for a patriotic individual’s service to his country.

No Discrimination – Cricket for Everyone

Cricket is a sport in which players are evaluated solely based on their techniques, talent, and skill set.

The team may include a doctor, engineer, business person, student, teacher, servant, or janitor. In Pakistan, only two to three players carry their equipment while the others share. Therefore, this will compensate the player who lacked the funds to purchase their equipment, as they can utilize another player’s outfit.

In addition, there is no racial or colour prejudice among cricket players in Pakistan, which cannot be stated for all aspects of life.


In conclusion, the most popular sport in Pakistan is cricket. It has a long past and strong cultural ties with many residents. The game is regularly played at all levels around the nation and continues to attract millions of fans from all walks of life. With stars rising from every corner, cricket has remained dominant for some time. In addition, the women’s squad is also extremely popular, and Kiran Baluch holds the record for the most incredible score in a women’s test match. Pakistan will host the 2023 Pakistan Super League.


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