Whether it’s in the stands of a soccer pitch, in a sports bar, or at the dinner table – this age-old debate has been going on for years: who is the better player, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? In this article, we’ll be examining this heated rivalry to find out which soccer great can truly claim the title of best. Get ready for some spirited debates and passionate arguments as both players’ skills are put under scrutiny!

The Debate

The debate about whether Messi or Ronaldo is the better player has been ongoing for years, with both players having their share of fans and critics. Some argue that Messi is the better player because of his Sheeran-like abilities with the ball at his feet, while others counter that Ronaldo’s physicality and goal-scoring prowess make him a complete player. Here, we will attempt to settle the score once and for all.

What is The Goal?

There are a few different ways to answer this question. One could look at the number of goals each player has scored or the number of major trophies each player has won. However, for the purposes of this article, we will focus on another metric: Who is the more complete player?

Some may argue that Messi is the complete player, as he is more often involved in the build-up play leading to a goal, whereas Ronaldo is more of a poacher who relies on his teammates to create chances for him. Others may say that Ronaldo is the more complete player because he is stronger and faster than Messi and thus can influence the game in more ways.

 In the end, there is no conclusive response to this query. The choice of who they believe to be the superior player is entirely up to each individual.

Who is better?

There is no denying that Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are two of our generation’s best players. They both have accomplished a great deal at such a young age and don’t seem to be slowing down. But which player is superior?

In my opinion, it is Messi. He is simply unbelievable. He can do some amazing things with a football. He has the ability to create something out of nothing and consistently finds a way to score or open up a scoring opportunity for his teammates.

Ronaldo is also an amazing player; there is no doubt about that. But for me, he is just not as consistent as Messi. Yes, he scores a lot of goals, but he also misses a lot of chances. And while he has some great moments, there always seems to be at least one bad moment in every game where he does something silly or rash.

So overall, I think Messi is the better player. He may not be quite as dominant physically as Ronaldo, but his technique and vision make him the best player in the world for me.

What are their Strengths and Weaknesses?

Assuming we are talking about strictly their on-the-field abilities, Messi’s strengths are that he is able to change his game play style to best suit his team’s needs on any given day. He also has an unrivaled ability to dribble and pass in tight spaces. His weaknesses would be that he is not the strongest or most physically imposing player, and he has been known to have trouble with his finishing in front of the goal.

Ronaldo’s strengths are that he is an explosive player who can score from anywhere on the pitch. He is also a very powerful player who is great at winning aerial duels. His weaknesses include his over-reliance on his shooting ability and sometimes being caught offside when making runs behind defenders. 

Overall, both Messi and Ronaldo are extremely talented players with their own incredible range of abilities. It is the combination of their individual strengths that makes them both such devastating players.

To answer the question of who is the better player, Messi or Ronaldo, it is important to first understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Messi is often considered the better player because he is a more creative and skilled dribbler. He also has a strong left foot, which allows him to curl in beautiful goals from long range. However, one of his main weaknesses is that he doesn’t have much power behind his shots, which can make it difficult for him to score from a distance or against well-defended goalkeepers.

Ronaldo, on the other hand, is known for his powerful shooting and aerial ability. He often scores spectacular goals by jumping high and heading the ball into the back of the net. However, he is not as good as Messi when it comes to dribbling and creating chances for himself or his teammates. So while he may be able to score more goals than Messi overall, some people would argue that this is because he plays for a team that creates more opportunities for him (Real Madrid) rather than because he’s a better player.

Reasons to Trade Players

1. A change of scenery can do a player good.

2. A fresh start with new teammates can reinvigorate a player.

3. Playing for a new manager can help a player improve and develop their game.

4. Moving to a new club can help a player take their career to the next level.

5. Financial reasons may dictate that a club needs to sell a player in order to balance the books.

Methods of Comparison

There are several ways to compare the two players. One is to look at their individual statistics. Messi has more goals and assists than Ronaldo. He also has a higher shooting percentage and a higher conversion rate. Ronaldo has more completed passes and a higher average pass length. He also has more shots on goal and a higher chance creation ratio.

Another way to compare the two players is to look at their team’s performances. Messi’s team, Barcelona, have won more trophies than Ronaldo’s team, Real Madrid. They have also scored more goals and conceded fewer goals than Real Madrid.

Finally, you can compare the two players’ individual performances in big games. In head-to-head encounters, Messi has more goals and assists than Ronaldo. He also has a better record in El Clasico matches and in Champions League knockout games.


Ultimately, the better player is a matter of personal opinion. It seems that both Messi and Ronaldo have their own distinct advantages, and it really depends upon which qualities you find most impressive in a football player. Regardless of who you think is better, one thing is certain: we are lucky to be able to witness two incredible footballers battle for supremacy every season. We can only hope that these two legends will continue to provide spectacular entertainment for years to come!


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